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Summer Pop Up Sale at Design Squad Headquarters

200+ Vintage & Collector Discs Available – Throwers Too.

75+ Vintage & New Sporting Goods, Tools, Arts & Crafts, and Collectables.

Prices are at, or below, what I have seen sell on the facebook auction and collector sites, ebay and others – but you don’t have to pay shipping. And, if you buy 3 or more discs they are 20% off the listed price. Selling as lots or individually. Prices are on the second line below each photo. Most other items are priced 20%-50% less than what you will find. If you see high retail prices, it is most likely a sentimental tax.


  • All items for local pick up. Everything is available to view in person by appointment.
  • Everything is ‘First Come First Served’. If you’re interested, don’t wait.
  • EZ pick up near I94 / Hwy 280 intersection – 2500 University Ave W., St Paul, MN
  • Cash Only, No Shipping yet. (After selling locally I’ll be hitting the auction sites and collector groups.)
  • Go to the Contact page for ways to get in touch to schedule a time.


I am not used to asking for help, but I need it now. Every one of you has your own story of struggles in past year and a half that I’m not aware of, but hope all have gotten better. Since early 2020 I have dealt with more than enough. Sicker than I have ever imagined, for more than two weeks, my father died, riots to the west, riots to the east, client businesses looted, Covid shuts down more clients.

I’ve been self-employed for most of the past 30 years weathering many storms. After dealing with lingering affects of being sick in March 2020 it feels like the cloud has finally lifted. Brain fog, cardiac events, nerve numbness, lung issues, lack of energy = a lost year+.

Anyone who is not vaccinated, or believes Covid is BS – please change your thoughts. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, protect those you don’t even know. If you are still working with bad information and are not vaccinated, please tell others right away and stay the hell away from others who do care about getting it under control.



What I need now is more money, fewer possessions, and good people with good projects for me to help with.

What I want is to see you ‘old people’, meet new people, and pass on some of the cool things I’ve come to possess over the years to you and your families.

Please take time to go thru the 20 pages and nearly 500 photos – then come visit me!