DGA, Lightning, Millenium, Wham-O

I am currently offering these for local pick up. Cash Only, No Shipping yet.

If you see a disc or two you are interested in, stop by in person to see everything. I’m not interested in negotiating online at this point.

EZ pick up near I94 / Hwy 280 intersection – 2500 University Ave W., St Paul, MN

Prices are all at, or below, what I have seen sell on the facebook auction and collector sites, ebay and others. Selling as lots or individually. Everything is available to view in person I’ll add as many prices as I feel comfortable with on the second line below each photo – and keep up with tracking what’s available via the photos and spreadsheet. After selling locally I’ll be hitting the auction sites and collector groups.

Buy 3 or More Discs = 20% Off

(20% Off deal does not apply for individual discs priced $100 or more)


See the spreadsheet below for details on all the discs in photos below, and some that are not shown.

Click Here for Spreadsheet

DGA Discs

Lightning Discs

Millenium Discs

Wham-O Discs