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Pop Up Sale at Design Squad Headquarters

The front door of the building is sometimes locked. You will need to text or call when you’ve arrived at 2500 University Ave W, St Paul, and I’ll be right down to let you in.
Enter at the double door with a black awning above, with 2500 University printed on it. This entrance is to the east of Agharta Record Store, on University Ave. If the door is open, Suite E3 is up the stairs, forward down the hall past the elevator, black door, orange sign.
  • All items for local pick up. Everything is available to view in person by appointment.
  • Cash Only, No Shipping yet. (After selling locally I’ll be hitting the auction sites and collector groups.)
  • Send me a message, using the form to the right, to schedule a time to meet.


Email Me to Meet

  • If you have my email address, feel free to contact that way.
  • If you’re on facebook, feel free to message me there. Rich Hart
  • If you have my phone number, feel free to call or text.
  • If you see me on the street, feel free to say hi.

Visit Headquarters

2500 University Ave W

St Paul, MN 55114

Open Hours

By Appointment:

10am - 10pm